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Thursday, December 24, 2009
Fuck 2009 ? / NINJA NAME !!! @ 10:59 PM

Some of it . Not all .

Hey all . It's freaking Christmas eve ! I don't really celebrate christmas (unless i go to Philippines) but yeah , i just feel so happy . what's up with me ? So yeah , to all the people celebrating christmas , have an awesome Christmas tomorrow . ;D At around 6.45pm , reached Fajar Mac . Met up with Eeqah , Yatt , Shafiq , and eeqah's mum . Slack Slack till 9pm and went home . And now , my eyes are hurting . Stupid ! Lols . So yeah , what do you guys want for christmas huh ? Okay , my Mum is like home fucking fast today . WHYY ? Butt atleast today , i've get out of the house otherwise , i'll be stucked at home and be fucking bored . School's around the corner ... NOOOOOOO ! I'm still in my holiday mood . It sucks not having a summer holiday . ): And check out the stuff below .

What is your ninja name?

A- ka
B- zu
C- mi
D- te
E- ku
F- lu
G- ji
H- ri
I- ki
J- zu
K- me
L- ta
M- rin
N- to
O- mo
P- no
Q- ke
R- shi
S- ari
T- chi
U- do
V- ru
W- mei
X- na
Y- fu
Z- zi

Mine is Rikatotoka ! :D Whats yours huh ? haha , okay i'm done . An hour more to christmas !! xD Byee xx


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