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Tuesday, December 22, 2009
FUCK FOREVER WHORES ! :P / Gems rocks ! @ 11:38 PM

Forever is just another Shitty word in the Dictionary . FUCKYEAH .

Currently chatting with Gemma . I'm bored out of my mind . From 8 till 11pm i had a hard time connecting to the fucking net . Yeah , Gemma's right , the net is GAY . TV saved my life from feeling bored today . Thanks . Watched Death sentence . Fuck that show was awesome ! I and Gems is talking about guys and stuff . And bout christmas too . Lols . I had an awesome time cleaanin the house today . Eeqah called me while i'm bathing . Thanks bitch . And the second time she called , she hung up like that ! Cool , i likey ... -_- Whole day ate peanut . I love it . But chocolate still top it ! Net is going crazy again . I love metro station . Don't you ? The just rock . So much . Chatting with gemma is awesome . She rocks ! Lols , i'm out .

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Hey, I'm Hanna
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i plan on travel the world once
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