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Friday, December 18, 2009
GMH , givemehope / KEVIN JONAS get's married ! @ 9:35 PM

I hope so :)

I was reading GMH and i almost tear up . It was so nice knowing that this world contain such beauty . It was a nice feeling reading that . And it made me happy that i'm living . Check out some amzaing GMH . (:

Today, three of my closest guy friends had come to visit me in the hospital. Not too long ago I was diagnosed with cancer and I had lost all of my hair. They came in with flowers, shaved heads, a smile and said, "You're beautiful to us, even if you don't think so. We're in this together." GMH

Today when I was working an adorable older couple came through my line. When I asked if they had found everything they needed, the woman looked at her husband and said "I found everything I needed 43 years ago." GMH.

Last week our whole PE class had to run the mile. The biggest girl in our class said that she had never ran a mile, and that she just couldn't do it. All of the girls in my class ran with her, singing songs, telling her how great of a job she was doing, and clapping for her. She finished her first mile at 14:27. Her tears of joy GMH.

Yesterday, I missed the bus to school, so my Muslim Afghani mother dropped me off with her headscarf on. I was scared about what the other kids would think when they saw her, but instead they bombarded me with questions about Islam and seemed fascinated to learn about another culture/religion. Their religious tolerance GMH!

A boy in my sister's high school lost his mother to suicide this year. The Christmas gifts he is buying his little brothers are essentials like socks and underwear. He was sad one day because his little brothers are asking for a Wii, which he can't afford. My sister bought the game system for the boy to give to his brothers. Her selflessness GMH

Beatiful right ? Check out more here at . :) well today , obviously , nothing much happen . I was to tired to get out the house . Last night , i stayed up till 4.25am cause something was going on with Damon on twitter . He wanted to quit and stop doing videos for youtube cause of haters . I forced myself to stay up and @reply him lots ... Today when i went to twitter , he changed his mind (: Hahs . Okay , monday probably , i'll be slacking again .. i just can't wait till christmas arrive . Lols (:

And yeah , KEVIN JONAS IS GETTING MARRIED TO DANIELLE DELEASA TOMORROW ! OMFG ! Congratulation kevin ! And yeah , that kind of PROVE that the Jonas are not gay , yatt :P


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