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Thursday, March 4, 2010
i love my bestfriend , tv @ 9:54 PM

It's 10.15pm . i need to sleep ! Today , after school , need to rushed home like fuck ... My mum was like "hurry up ! hurry up !" Went to Bpp with micky , medrie , raj and sherman for awhile to buy my mum some food and i rushed home QUICKLY . So rushed home changed and took the taxi with my mum to bukit batok driving centre . I waited at the canteen for her like almost an hour while she go do her test . I sat down , listening to my MP3 , look out the BIG window and being inspired by the people learning to ride a car and motorbike . i felt like i wanted to get a car license there and i didnt felt like i was 14 . yes , i was away for reality . My ass was sore for sitting down at that hard surface for almost an hour . After that , went to LOT 1 . MOSTLY , everything bought was for my camp . and not really for me cause , if i didnt have camp , i wouldnt get all those stuff . Saw meera there . and round round round . yes , my mum can be a pain in the ass sometime . wait , most of the time . trust me , living with her is like 'hell' ... had korean food for dinner . it was nice . now home . finally ! I need to get hold of my laptop . i didnt touch it for 3 straight days . i miss it so much . i miss twittering , zingling , tumblring , blogging and other kind of shitty stuff i do on the web . me and tv have became best friend thats why . i became so close to tv thats why i forgot abot all of my other bestfriend at home like the net and my guitar . i need to get back to them . well , the aircon is on and i need to go to bed . hold on .

happy 5th monthsary to izati'kenet and ajib joker . woahhhhhhhh ! Booomm , its the 5th month guys ! so fast huh ? well , that's time nowadays .. its so hard to slow down . anyways , have a spectacular 5th month guys ! TC !

P/s;i love my best friend , tv :) yes , i'm referring to my television .


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