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Friday, May 28, 2010
Get ready, our boys is coming to town !!! @ 10:03 PM

AIGOOOOOO ~ can you believe it or not ?! B2utiesSG if you have not heard, OUR BEAST BOYS IS PAYING US A VISIT ON JUNE ! I screamed EXTREMELY loud when AinnieeeShinee told me ! OMO, I LOVE HER FOR THAT! The news came out today ! I was extremely happy that i took out my piggy bank to count EVERY SINGLE cents of my money ! I was saving up like a hobo all this while for this extremely hot guys! I'M GOING. WAIT, I HAVE TO GO ! I missed ukiss and i'm not missing them out tooooo ! :( SOOO many kpop stars on their way to set on the little red dot this year !

-Super Junior
-Wonder Girls


IT DOSENT STOP TILL JUNE ! SOO WHO WANTS TO FOLLOW ME TO CATCH THE BEAST BOYS ?! LOL , i'm serious ! Probably loads more will be setting their foot in this later red dot. LET'S DROP THE TOPIC cause i'm way to excited now.

Okay, today , i spent my WHOLE freaking afternoon with my guitar learning Haru Haru by big bang. IT'S fucking difficult. The plucking sickens me . Bleehhhhh . GUESS WHAT ?! My brother have been working out O.o He's been going to GYM like every week . Its a shock to me cause tha guy NEVER works out till now . And he have ABS ! O.o . Yes i saw it and my eyes bulge out cause i was shocked... SO i had PTC yesterday. And it went well i guess ? Ms Chang is AWESOME! Okay , so , hmmm , i currently have nothing more to type except for being all hype up from the A-AWESOME NEWS !

AND , in about 20min, SOMEONE'S turning 14 ! You shall know on the next post ! ;D
Quote of the day:"Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up." -Dean Karnazes
HannaFernaldo ?!

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