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Saturday, December 19, 2009
Dont tell kids santa isnt real .. @ 10:51 PM

agree with me to this . read comments , everyone agrees it's true . Same thing to boys ;D

Sup people . The above is true . Lols . anyways , today , did nothing . Stayed home . I dance and sing like a jackass while cleaning the house . I hate cleaning so much so , i do it the fun way . Switch on my mp3 to the loudest and dance like there's no tomorrow . (: It was fun . and i think i kindda like cleaning now .. I can't believe i type that . News news , Yatt got a new phone already ! Nokia 5730 Xpress music ! OMFG , it got the keyboard thingy when you slide it ! Check it out ! Monday , i'm gonna get the full use of it man ! I book first Yatt ! lols . Anyways , Kevin Jonas is married today . congarts . and yeah , look what i found at fuck my life website . I LOL'd soo hard peeps !

Today, I was fired from my job as a middle school teacher. Why? I told an 8th grader that Santa Claus wasn’t real. He cried and told my boss. FML

Hahahhaahh ! If i'm not wrong , and 8th grader is either 12 or 13 years old . THAT'S TOO OLD to be believing in santa ! Lols , NEVER tell little kids that santa isnt real . YOU'LL regret it ... Lols . Christmas coming . I just can't wait ! (:

Ask me ANYTHING here ! . ThankYou !


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