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Monday, January 25, 2010
BLG .... :( / Harsh day .. @ 9:01 PM

This Thrusday :) It's okay , i'm not going but i have their albumss . I'm still strong ! lols ...

Not now , but maybe , before this Thursday , i'll type howw DEPRESSED i am about BLG concert . Lols , i am NOT a maniac , i'm just too IN-LOVE with them and their songs . OKayyyy , today was ummm , okay ? NOt really .. In school , while CE , Mr Sng was not in school . So sat in group with Micky , Izaan , Wan and Haziq . We were talking about ... Okay let's skip . :) SHHHHHH . Eeqah and Izati , my two girl-f are having not a really good day :( It hurts me seeing them like that ... Don't lose hope dears . :) Glad that another one of my girl-f , Micky have healed some parts . YOU GO GIRL ! That's awesome ! And hey , you three girls are the girls i'll ALWAYS love . Went to petir . Yatt cam done with his friend Ramdhan and Rudy ? Okay okay , i suck at spelling names and remembering names . So don't go all mad if there is any error . Oh ya , Fara was there .. But she's okay today ! :) Then slack and they went off . Apit and Azmie came . Played this game ... At 5.15pm , went home . Then met my bestfriend LINA ! Awwww girl , i missed you ! She followed me go 711 and we slacked till around 6.20pm . went home . AND GUESS WHAT ? I realise some bitches have been gossiping about me ! ASS . Go on running your mouth about me , you aint gonna gain anything . You know who you are bitches . And hey , honestly , i'm not in this world to even make you guys like me . So hate all you want , i aint giving any shit . So yeah , fuck yeah you're an ass .

And like i always end , HELP HAITI !!!! FOR INTERNATIONAL DONATION .

For SINGAPORE only :
YOU COULD CALL : ( For Singapore)
Singapore Red Cross: 6336 0269
Mercy Relief: 6332 6320
The proceeds will go to the international Federation Of Red Dross and Red Cresent Societies , which are Currently in Haiti taking care of survivors .

Okay , thank you soooooo much <3>

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