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Thursday, February 4, 2010
happy 4th month to izati and ajib . / haiti / thanks @ 7:48 PM

This just teared me up ... That's what i call a true friend whom will stay with you forever . Some , come in your life for a reason , but some , just don't stay forever . Well , losing a good friend is not easy . been there , done that . well , as we grow older , we'll understand the true meaning of friendship and we'll know who's there to stay with you through thick and thin and be available at 4am in the morning to talk to you . Do you have that kind of friend ? If you do , you're one lucky person :) i'm glad to have my girls with me !

It started out with 6 words and ended up with one .. :(Okay fuck , let's dont be fucking emotional here peeps . Today was school . OH HELL , i hate it . Tell me , who like school ?! Okay , i DONT . After school , went to Yat house to collect eeqah's mag and then , went off . Didnt stay long . Then off to my house ! i was almost RAPE by my bitch , eeqah ! hahahahahha ! Okay , seriously .. But hey , i was soo fucking scared man ! hahah ! we took a video but , no veiwing without adult supervision ! hehe . Okay , azmie called me and man he was hilarious . lol . Okay , tomorrow , SLEEPOVER my crib bitchess . Izati , not able to make it while Micky and eeqah , pending ... let's just see .. i'll update more bitches ! just wait ! Well , izati is gonna stay at my crib till late night and we'll party the night away tomorrow with my two other babes ! Since izati cant sleepover , she'll go home late . awesomeeee girlfriend !! Tomorrow is EXCLUSIVE for girls only ! hahahah !

Okay , AND lastly to
my GIRLFRIEND , IZATI KENET , and to AJIB JOKER the pantat square ,
HAPPY 4TH MONTH ANNIVERSARY GUYSSSSS !!!! ahhhhhhhhh , i'm sooooo happy for you guys ! Time is soooo fast right nowadays ??? Wow , it's already the 4th ! Well , i've always wished the best for you guys soo yeah , i hope that there will be more ups then downs in both of your relationship . BE POSITIVEEEEEEEE . :)

KAY PEOPLE , help the haitians always . pray for them so that things will be much much much more easier on them . Everyday , i'll just put an positive mind thinking that nothing bad will happen to haiti as they have gone through alot . I'm glad that Haitians are still standing strong and never give up hope . :)

p/s; you clean up bad . OH WELL .


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