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Wednesday, January 27, 2010
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you guys !! @ 9:37 PM


Okay , let me write a depressing note to blogger ...
Dear Blogger ,
I'm fucking depressed . BLG is coming tomorrow and i'm not going .. I feel like i'm i'm i'm in LOST !They're like an hour away from my house ... But i'm not going cause of budget and shit . I love them with all my heart cause of them and their music ... Tomorrow , its a BLG day for me ... MY WAY ! And not just about that , this week things have been pretty rough on me .. Especially yesterday .. I was so stressed out that i didnt know who to talk to and i saw apit , online ... Let it all out to him ... Lol , the rest was that was close to me was not online on that moment .. And also let it out to my neighbour through msn ... Apit made me laugh a lil , thanks man . And his prayers work ! But hey , let's not get to overjoyed ... It's still not over ... Maybe , ajib's right ... I should tell ... Or not .. :(

A short note to blogger and my daily readers . to show how depressed i am .. i came to school with a frown . i was not in my best mood and shouted at particarly , almost everyone .. I apologise for that . But yeah , my girls , Micky , eeqah , izati made my day today . hold on , with raj , sherman and sarwesh too . Thanks :) Well , i'll try not to do that tomorrow . Try not to shout at people :) Lol , 2010 , you've started really badly by throwing shits on me when i've wished for a better year . i hope it get's easier for me .. 2010 , thanks anyways .. you lil shit .. lol , jk :)

OKay , let's get today started ! EEqah SIOW !! HAPPY 4th MONTHSARY with YattBarney !!! hey , i hope best for you guys .. don't give up hope . Things get better through whatever :) So now , try to put on a big big smile on this very special day for the both of you guys okay . :) I'll always be there for the both of you guys . WIATTTTT , not just me , even izati too :) So SMILEEE ! AND MICKY JUNIOR , my dear dear girl-f , smile okay ? Don't let him bring you down .. I just want to wish you happy 1st month eventhough , things didnt work out the way you wanted . Maybe , he's not the right one . Just move on , he's not the only guy on earth . Through thick and thin , i'll always be there to give you a BIG BIG BEAR HUG ! Love you all xx

OKay , basically , today , went to Yat house with Micky , Raj , sherman , sarwesh . FUCKING FN ! Reach Yatt house , say Shafiq keju and Ramdhan .. Slack with micky all below the block while waiting for Izati and eeqah to come back from ACT . Then , went up to yatt house , slack and do HOMEWORK ! We are hardworking ! Lols ! SKIPPPPP . Then , me , izati , eeqah micky went fajar , slack . Eeqah went home at 6 . While the rest went home at 7.30pm . Fucking fun! There was LOADS of greenridge peeps . Lols , it's was hilarious ... Okay , i'm out .

I SUPPORT HAITI !! Help them .

And like i always end , HELP HAITI !!!! FOR INTERNATIONAL DONATION .

For SINGAPORE only :
YOU COULD CALL : ( For Singapore)
Singapore Red Cross: 6336 0269
Mercy Relief: 6332 6320
The proceeds will go to the international Federation Of Red Dross and Red Cresent Societies , which are Currently in Haiti taking care of survivors .


you think you know me.

Hey, I'm Hanna
Music is my everything.
I express myself here most of the time.
this is my blog, so don't bitch about it.
kpop is my pure obsession
i plan on travel the world once
and dance during a heavy downpour.

kpop is me.

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