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Sunday, January 31, 2010


OKAY , i HAVE A FUCKING long story to tell you ! Okay , today , firstly , at 5.30am micky called saying she have woken up and she'll be on the way to my house . She reached at 6.55am . So bathe and offed . reached LOT 1 at 7.55am . (The que was from the LOT 1 entrance till 7-11 !!!!) Eeqah reached at 7.15am . WOW ! AT 7.15am , IT WAS ESTIMATED TO BE MORE THEN 2,000 ppl already ! So yeah , reached there , meet up wiith eeqah and her little brother , SHAFIQ . So , at around 8.30am , we were near the MCD and the lot 1 entrance . People were yelling 'OPEN OPEN !!!' cause the lot door have not open yet . Guess what did the crazy SHINee fanss did ? THEY FORCED THE DOOR OPEN ! THE DOOR SLIDING THING BROKE ! wtf ! So we were squished like sardines . But , me , micky , eeqah and shafiq kept our hands lock and promised not let go . Cause , if we were to get to see SHINee , we make sure , all of us gets in . So we were being pushed to the entrance . I GOT THE VIDEO OF HOW THEY FORCE THE DOOR OPEN and how TORTURE it is . Grab my phone whenever and check it out !!!

We wasnt even like walking, people were like pushing us . Well , micky and i went in to lot 1 first . Eeqah and shafiq was left behind . We found them and ran to GARDEN PLAZA ! NO LIGHTS , AIRCON and ESCALATOR WAS ON at that very moment .. Ran up as if like THIS FASHION is giving out free clothes ! So yeah , reached , almost near too shaw , an a fucking bitch (security) announce saying that the first 1.000 have already went in to get an authograph and see them . So no hope . WE GAVE UP and went down to mcd . But hey , not really , gave up ... after that , it was 9.51am when we finished eating MCD . RAN UP BACK ! But still no hope . We kept running and running like dogs ... WTF . IZATI , called saying she's below and she saw people running to que up ! So we went .

We talk to this POLICE officer and asked him where is the que an he said 'dah tk leyh masok . dah more than 1.000 people . But they all wont listen so , we can't do anythink more . Dorang , since yesterday at 2 the que up . NOT AT 2am , but at 2pm !!!' ... WE WERE FUCKING SAD and shocked !!!! . Time , 10.15am .. BUT HEY , we didnt gav up . WE QUED BITCHES ! There was a glimmer of hope , i swear . we made it almost to the entrance . But the pushing and shoving is killing me . We were seperated SOOO many times but we manage to stay together . AINNIE CALLED ME !! She asked where am i . I told her it was hopeless , she can't get in . too much people . But , hey , miracle came true . After about 20min , called her back ask her to run and cut the que infront of me . She and her sis ! Well , ainnie is my best friend since pri school so yeah , why should i leave her behind ?!?! WE WERE FUCKING NEAR . SOoooo near . Got to knowNEW friends ! Lol , SHINee fans are friendly ! Then at 12.45pm , after two hours plus of queing , heard an announcement , saying shinee authograph was OVER . Hey , didnt gave up eventhough we were suffocating and smelling like shit from all the sweating . I ran with all of them to the TOP nearAT the SHAW ! I SWEAR MAN , i almost make it . First , they said , ran to ANOTHER escalator and then they kept on changingg escalator .. MOTHER FUCKERS ! TO tell you the truth , fans were shouting , "SHINEE , SHINEE !!!" non-stop and the manager actually gave up and wanted to let us in BUT , the security that didnt want to give upp ... FUCKERS !!! WE WERE LIKE THEIR DOGS RUNNING HERE AND THERE !

They asked us to take the lift but , they ENABLE the level 5th floor button . FUCKERS . Treat us like idiots ! I was almost there when eeqah asked me to give up , so we did . Went down and i felt like crying knowing , my hard work didnt paid off .. So yeah , then was told by ainnie that , they were showing the LIVE SHOW of SHINEE at the live tv at lot 1 near the mrt . RAN THERE . sat and watched ! They were 30min late . SHINEE CAME OUT AT 2PM !!!! OMG !!!!! OMG !!!! I WAS SCREAMING TILL I HAVE NO VOICEE !!!!! They were soo hot with the hairflip and shit ! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ! Had fucking fun . eventhough , it didnt turn out to what i wanted , i get to spend time with my 3 beloved girl-fs , eeqah , izati , micky and my PRI SCH bestie , ainnie whom i missed like 100000000000 million times ! WE TALK LOADS OF SHIT together! And also shafiq , the lil boy . it was really pityful for him .. he was short so , it's difficult for him to breathe ! So thats the crazzy 310110 that i'lll NEVER FORGET ! AND btw , i took 16 videos in total ! TAKE MY PHONE AND CHECK it out !
Peace out mother fuckers !

p/s; i'm glad i was there today . shinee , you are such an ass for being to famous ! <3>


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Hey, I'm Hanna
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