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Saturday, February 6, 2010
HAITI ! / badluck 5thfeb .. fuck you @ 12:01 PM

I feel pity towards the haitians soo much :(

okay , let me tell you about yesterday . 5thFEB , fucking 5th feb . I'm not gonna tell the whole story here but you can ask me any question here on my formspring . . 5thFEB just fucking destroyed my fucking february . I hate it . I hate it alot . Something BIG BIG BIG happen . some people know . NOT only one thing happen . Few more happen but not only to me but also to my girls IzatiKenet and Eeqahsiow .. Uhhh , bad luck for the three of us . Fuck it assholes . FUCK 5TH FEB BITCHES . I HATE IT . Mum is pissed , party wreck , plans destroyed .. THANK YOU soo much 5th feb for being the worst . But , hey .. there's still a glimmer of hope .. i wish .

The ONLY peace that i could get yesterday was having pizza for some random event and SLEEPING FOR 15HOURS staright ! Ok well , i did wake up for about 20 min only .. then it was a total BLACKOUT ! Yeah , i'm a sleep driveeee ! WOKE up at 9.05am . around there and watch SOS HAITI live at the net ! It was awesome ! Try try try you best to help the haiti . Eventhough it have been aa month , they still need lots of help there . Help HAITI , YELE now . Well , there is this phone line that i WOULD call if my phone were BILL ... If you call , you must donate US$10 (which will be added to your bill) and you could TALK TO THE STARS ! Eg; JustinBieber , Akon , wyclef and some more peeps ! It's sooo great . Okay , i guess i'm done . I think that i've give up wishing and wishing for a better year . Everytime i wished for that , bad happens . All i can do is say thanks 2010 for... uhh .. nothing ? :(

DONATE ! Keep your donation rolling innn !


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