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Friday, March 5, 2010

OLA ! Yeahhhhh ! It's FRIDAY ! What's so good about friday ???? I can sleep HOW LATE i want and thinking that i'm free the next day , let's ENJOY ! Lol , yes yes , i get OVERLY excited when friday comes and my mind scan through the list of things that i probably wil be doing this weekend ! Uhhh , i love friday .. i mean like , WHO DOSENT ?!?!?! :)

So today .. today today today . School was pretty much like EVERYDAY but today seems to fly fast . yay ! I paid my FULL attention during maths lesson . I need to improve . So after school , eeqah&izati came my crib . after awhile ajib came . we played monopoly like fuckkk . Its awesome ! I own both Mayfair and ParkLane ! Muahahahahha ! But no house .. i know right , it's lame . so after that , micky , durga and nabil came and guess what ?? IT'S BOF TIME !! Ta-daaaahhh ! It's my 3RD time watching it over again . :) And something FUCKING EMBARASSING happen .. shhh , dont want to type ... Then , ajib went off first . and , i went to lot 1 with izati and eeqah afterwards . The rest , went home . Met HongSheng (HS) there . Eeqah need to rush home so she went off . HS was suppose to follow her but he left his ez-link with his friends at the library ... WTF . So eeqah went home alone . Me and Izati followed HS to Lot1 library . we were bored so we followed him . Met his two friends . Sat for like 10 mins and went to buy my laptop/mp3/cdplayer SPEAKER ! FINALLY !!! Used my own fucking money to buy it ... :( But , worth it . SO went back to the library . Me and izati hesitate to go back to the place where we were supposed to meet with HS so , izati took a french book/dictionary and came out with the idea of learning french . While , i learned spanish ! We learned till the library closing time ... The kept on announcing they were closing but we didnt give a fuck . Learned till they switch off the library lights .. Fucking dark .. Then only we start packing . lol . We are hardworking ! Lol . Okay , done here . Adios .


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