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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Today was an awesome day. Micky, zee , elly and aidil came by my crib and zee bought lots of OTAH ! YAY! lol , i'm an otah freak. It's just damn delicious that you couldn't get enough of it. LOL. Okay so we were busy finding some awesome horror movie in my crib but hell, it's all so lame. So played guitar, chat and do some stuff. So i had extreme fun. Aidil went home early, cause i don't really know why ... And i finally caught pintu hidayah AGAIN ! It's been soooooo long. It's like one of the best indonesian show ever ! LIKE EVER! Cause, that's the only Indonesian show i watch. Yes, i'm lame. I totally almost cried :( SAD SAD SAD.

AND NOW, i need a volunteer, who wants to follow me go to that beast Fan gathering on 6th June ?! Simply, it's where beast fan gather to discuss about beast coming visit to singapore. And i really want to go but tooo shy to go alone. Yes that suck :( ANY b2uties interested. There's like 5o people attending . Its supposed to be at Marina Barrage but then , they found out that haing 50 ppl gather there is illegal .. Damn rules. TELL ME IF YOU WANNA JOIN ! Ainnie, follow me . LOL .

NOW , SOME birthday wishes for the today birthday babies !!

YES, if you have not figure out, it's my sugar baby birthday ! DANG DANG DANG ! yay , she's 14 already .. when im not .. :( LOL . HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZEE SHILTON ! Anyways , i hope her the best in everything and hope all her wishes come true. Also, last long with Ajib and i pray for you both to strike a year and on and on and on ! Hope she stay in good health and Allah will panjangkan umur dier. AMIN. Hmmmm , too cheesy or what ? LOL . Stay pretty and in good shape. I LOVE YOU LOTS !

ALSO , syazwan ... WANN ! Happy 14th birthday ! Seeeeee , now you're 14 already so stop being childish wan ! LOL , but seriously ... Hmmmmm , and study hard kay . You don't wanna retain RIGHT ?! See you soon , whenever :) Take care !

WOW ! Long post again right ? AND i just realised that BEAST came at the wrong time. Waita go universal music... I need some extra $$. I dont know if my savings is enough , expecially , if i'm EVER gonna get it back . I feel so happy/sad/angry/excited at the same time which is kindda weird ...
Quote of the day: "If I were to give myself as a Valentine's day present,body part which would I give is a warm heart" ~Joon, mblaq
HannaFernaldo ?!

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Hey, I'm Hanna
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I express myself here most of the time.
this is my blog, so don't bitch about it.
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i plan on travel the world once
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kpop is me.

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