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Sunday, May 30, 2010

literally yes. i was in my room mostly. Woke up , 16 and pregnant then off to my room just in time for the LIVE concert. ONCE IN 2010 they'll show ! I wanted to watch it and the shitty ADOBE crashed ! AND GUESS WHAT , i cried ! LOL, i'm pathetic. And because of the crash thing, i missed out ukiss performance. And when i figure it out again, it was the right thing to cry cause hello , ITS UKISS ! a hardcore kiss me fan here. lol . but luckily it work after i cried! hahahah. And i was like SOOO sad till F.CUZ appear ! I was yelling like i was at that concert LIVE as an audience . I only calm down after they left the stage and i began to be so fucking hype up during BEAST, mblaq, AFTER SCHOOL , 4MINUTE,leehyori perf and shockingly , SHINEE was there tooooo ! Its been like forever since the perform on stage ! I YELLED like hell and told myself to shut the fuck up only after they perform cause , first, the window is just beside me so , i probably could be heard and , my brother is sleeping LIKE A PIG . SO i was like , be considerate but i just couldnt stand my enthusiasm. ITS THE best concert ever since , there are TONS MORE THERE ! suju , 2pm, f(x), kara , snsd and MANY MORE. Damn !

AND , i was soo pissed that the otah shop is closed today. it sucks big time. I want an otah like now. :( TOMORROW , KARAOKE ! Yeahhhhh , lets to it the BEAST way ! Muahahah ! well , i guess you all dont know what i'm talking about. BEAST went to karaoke for Hyunseung birthday before they debuted and hell , IT WAS CRAZY !!!!!! Yoseob was all hype up !!! hahhaha.

Faiqah is leaving on the 7th ! Gonna miss her ! B, i'll text youu sooooooooon ! misss you damn lots. xo

Plus, gemma too :( Come on MSN soon . And your postcard is getting ready ! :D Miss you lots ! xo

AND , you know nurulshorty , one of my best friend ? Uhmm ,she did a youtube video a COVER for one time so check it out.

I dont why, but im so hype up about beast coming. i wanna see yoseob. He's soooo cute that i wanna pinch his cheek but , i'll probably get kick out that way . lol.
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